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Fall Newsletter

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Friendly Reminder

Please remember that we are an Allergen Sensitive school. We now have several children with a variety of allergies with the peanut allergy being the most common and most critical.

Please DO NOT send in any snacks or lunch that contain any peanut ingredients or are processed in the same facility as peanuts. Please read nutrition information carefully and help all of the children remain safe while they are here with us.


Curriculum Corner

Hopefully you have all noticed on the daily activity reports that we are using smile face stamps to highlight our enrichment programs! Teachers are placing a stamp and the name of the enrichment program next to the activities that are planned for the day. This is an easy way for you to quickly see what your child is learning and how often these programs are being implemented.

Classroom News

cuddly cubs (infants)

Boy, are our babies cute!! If you haven’t peeked into our baby room lately, take a moment to see all that is happening in there! Trevor and Tabitha are almost able to sit up (and they are both super smiley). Julianna is rolling over. Landrey is batting at dangling toys. Zoe is reaching for toys too, but only while she is in her bumbo seat! Donovan and Julian are sitting back and learning all the tricks from the other kids! Penelope is just about to start crawling! She just needs to get both of her knees moving in the same direction! Miss Julie and Miss Terri continue to be busy in this room but even with all the activity, they are loving each and every one of these kids! How could they resist? Have you seen how cute they are??

Huggable Hippos (first steps)

Miss Renee has recently joined Miss Jen in our First Steps room. The kids have been keeping her busy during her first few weeks! Sophia is just about to start walking, Annika is cruising around the room, and Alex has learned how to climb!! Madeline, Sara Ann, and Isabel are all cruising around holding onto the furniture, so as soon as they let go, watch out!! In addition to lots of activity in this room, there is lots of sign language, singing, reading and having fun!

Playful Pandas (Young Toddlers)

We welcome Matilda to our Young Toddler room! She began in early October and is a delightful addition to the class! It is great to see these kids beginning to develop nice friendships. You can hear Matty get all excited and say “Cole!” when his friend arrives at school! Elli, Jackson, Colby and Michael always greet familiar faces with smiles and waves. Ava and Alli may take a little longer to get talking in the morning, but they will gladly blow you a kiss and give you a hug at the end of the day! These social skills are great building blocks for their future relationships!

Loveable Lions (Toddler 2)

We welcome both Miss Kelli and Miss Lori to the Toddler 2 room. Ashrita returned with us after taking some time off to visit family in India and Aarav is a new friend who joined us on mid-October. Emily and Sarah also joined this class recently. In November, we welcome our new friend, Paloma and Michael as he moves up from Young Toddlers! This class is getting very chatty! They are all learning how to use their words to get their message across to teachers and friends. These toddlers also love to get dirty! Sensory play is a very important way for Toddlers to learn about their environment! After they get dirty, they get cleaned up in the bathroom where all the children are practicing using the potty!

Jolly Giraffes (Get Set)

Nicholas L., Brandon, and Luci all made the transition up to Get Set in October. In addition to these 3 friends, we welcome Liam, who started in September and Nicholas S. who began with us in mid-October. Miss Kim and Miss Alyssa can often be found dancing around to some fun song or reading a theme related book when you peek through their window. This class is getting prepared to head to Preschool by learning to be responsible for their belongings, cleaning up after themselves and potty training! Check out their sticker charts which help keep the kids motivated!

Laughing Lemurs (preschool 1)

Lots of new friends have joined Miss Cheryl and Mr Jeff down in the Preschool 1 room! Maeve Y., Tommy, Nathaniel, Bhargava, Ashan and Maeve T. have all joined this class over the past weeks. Miss Cheryl and Mr Jeff have been busy working on letters, numbers, writing and math in a fun and engaging way for these kids. They also have begun a new weekend project! Goddard the (stuffed) journal dog will be sent home each weekend with a different child. Over the weekend, the family will write and illustrate all the adventures that take place with Goddard! This is a great activity to increase literacy awareness and family interactions!

Magical Monkeys (Preschool 2)

Miss Kristen has some new friends also! Alex and Riley joined the fun in Preschool 2 and have fit right into the fun! As Miss Kristen and the kids work on their letters of the week, look for the photos of the kids working together to create each letter using their whole bodies! Miss Kristen is working on all the letter sounds in order to get the children ready to read!

Zany Zebras (pre-k 1)

Miss Deb opened her room with lots of friends! Nate, Evelyn, Maia, Tyler, Jake, Kaitlyn, Joseph, Amir and Jassie all spend the day in there “hanging” with Miss Deb! If you get a chance to see Miss Deb’s class when the kids are building their elaborate train structures, it is such a treat! Miss Deb works with them to put these amazing tracks together collaboratively and the kids come up with such imaginative plans!

Leaping Leopards (pre-k 2)

Pre-K 2 welcomes Dylan, Molly, Jack and John to their classroom! Miss Tracey and Miss Melissa are hard at work teaching the kids Mandarin and Spanish along with good manners and responsibility. We continue to have Granda visit a few times a week and offer the kids exciting science experiments. The teachers take advantage of such an exciting time to work on reading and writing skills by having the children journal about their activities with Granda! There are some amazing pictures and some great beginning words written in those journals and they continue to get more detailed every week!